Interaction Data Interpretation Workshop: Time Zone Information

This workshop is a hybrid model with both virtual attendees and in-person attendees. As such, the live version of the workshop for virtual attendees will be in the same time zone as for the in-person attendees. The in person portion of the workshop is in Tempe, Arizona.

Most of ❗Arizona does not follow daylight savings time❗, they are on ➡️ Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) ⬅️ (not to be confused with Mountain Daylight time or Mountain Time which is the first thing that comes up on Google). This means, during June, participants on EDT (GMT-4) have a 3-hour difference (Washington DC), CST (GMT-5) a 2-hour differnce (Chicago), MDT (GMT-6) a 1-hour difference (Denver), and PDT (GMT-7) is currently in the same time zone (Los Angeles). This will change in the fall when daylight saving time ends for most folks. For additional time zones conversions, please check out one of these free world time zone converters:

Photo courtesy of World Map Blank.