Interaction Data Interpretation Workshop: FAQ


*Who can I contact for help? *
For help with Interaction Data Workshop, email Erika Tucker and Jorrit Poelen.
For help with the overarching ECM Workshop, please contact the workshop team [email protected].
Are there projects related to this?
Yes! There are many projects that related to this workshop and can be used with the information learned here. Please check out the following:
What institutions and organizations are involved in this workshop?
How was this workshop funded?
This workshop was created as part of the overarching Entomological Collections Management Workshop and is funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the project: Towards a Sustainable Management of Insect Collections in the U.S. through the Entomological Collections Management Workshop award# 1640919. Additional support is provided by the Terrestrial Parasite Tracker project through the National Science Foundation award “Collaborative Research: Digitization TCN: Digitizing collections to trace parasite-host associations and predict the spread of vector-borne disease,” Award numbers DBI:1901932 and DBI:1901926.
Can I re-use this workshop?
Yes! Please feel free to reuse this workshop. The more people that learn about the complicated nature of interaction data, the better 😄
If you would like to modify or build your own similar workshop using this as a template, please read the instructions in the ReadMe file here. Our website used the Carpentries template (thank you Carpentries!) and everything is opensource using GitHub.
Who do I contact about an problem with this website?
Please email Erika Tucker and Jorrit Poelen for website issues, corrections, improvements, or to help build onto this workshop.