Small Group Data Transcriptions Worksheet Activity


Teaching: 0 min
Exercises: 15 min
  • Does everyone agree on the association terms for each specimen?

  • Why or why not?

  • Are there additional terms or fields that should be available?

  • Discuss with your group what association terms were derived for each specimen

  • Make sure everyone has a chance to be heard

  • Come to a consensus association term that should be used for each specimen

  • Appoint group spokesperson for sharing your group’s results with the larger workshop group


The goal of this exercise is to take the transcriptions and association data interpretations from your individual worksheets and discuss the results with your group to see how interpretations of interaction data can vary between transcribers. Group should discuss and try to come to an agreement for each specimen, record agreed upon terms (or new terms/categories needed) on group worksheet, and appoint spokesperson to share group results with whole class (next last portion of this workshop).

Exercise 1. Group worksheet & discussion

  1. Download a copy of the group activity spreadsheet to fill in, or open and make a copy you can edit in Google Drive or Google Sheets. Appoint one person to record/take notes for the group.
  2. Go over what everyone filled out in each association field and discuss any differences in interpretations or new terms invented.
    • Do this for each specimen
    • Make sure everyone has a chance to share, voice their opion, and ask questions
  3. Try to come to a consensus on what association terms should be used and what new terms or fields would be useful additions.
    • The group recorder should write down agreed upon terms on worksheet or make note that the group could not come to an agreement
  4. Appoint someone to be the group spokesperson for the larger group discussion (next portion of this workshop).
    • This can be a different person from the person recording/note taking
    • The answers your group comes up with (or unresolved disagreements) will be discussed with the larger group for the last 30 mintues of the workshop

Word Cloud!

One fun way to visualize results and find common terms is by creating a word cloud.

Share your group's interaction terms!

➡️ Go to:

  • Alternatively, go to and enter the code 8651 1750 (do not enter the 12 34 56 given below - this asks you about super heros - something for another time)

➡️ Enter the different interaction terms you used for each specimen.

See the word cloud results in real time as everyone submits terms!

Live results can also be viewed here.

Next Up: Report & Whole Group Discussion

Key Points

  • There may be different interpretations about association data

  • It can sometimes be difficult to agree

  • Sometimes new terms or fields need to be created to adequately address the data available