Interaction Data Interpretation Workshop: Setup

Before the workshop, please make sure to:

  1. Download a copy of the activity worksheet. There are several formats available to choose from. You will need one copy for the individual activity and a second copy for the group activity. You can fill these worksheets out on the computer or print them and handwrite answers - whatever is easiest for you. Please wait until the workshop actually starts to fill in your worksheets though :)
  2. Make sure you can have two windows open on your computer (or split your screen between two monitors if you have them). See Install the videoconferencing client on home page. It will be necessary to view both the Zoom window with live feed from the workshop while also viewing the workshop webpage with instructions and specimen images.
  3. You will also need to be able to open an additonal brower window, or tab, to particpate in the live word cloud activity. The word cloud activity can be accomplished on a computer web browser, tablet, or phone web browser - any device that has internet connectivity.

If you have any trouble getting setup, please contact Erika and Jorrit before the workshop begins.