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Dead Wood Interaction Data Workshop: Knowledge Base

Key Points

Day One Pre-workshop Assignment
  • Availability of species interaction datasets is limited

  • Open Data, Open Science, and FAIR principles facilitate data availability

Day One Group Assignment Part One
  • Many species interaction datasets are openly published

  • Interaction data are shared in various ways

  • Many interaction data records have common data elements

  • Reviewing data can be time consuming

Day One Group Assignment Part Two
  • Automated taxonomic name linking facilitates discovery, review, and interpretation, of interaction records

  • Keeping track of data provenance/origins can be tricky

  • Specialized search indexes like GloBI can help facilitate data discovery

  • Automated linking and index processes are likely imperfect and subjective

Getting Interaction Data
  • GloBI has interaction data that can be accessed as a full dataset

  • Better to use the full or whole dataset than the APIs

Working with the Whole Dataset
  • There is a lot of interaction data available and shell is one helpful tool to reduce the size of the dataset.

  • Sharing code helps everyone.

Exploring By Pointing and Clicking
  • Web tools are for exploring indexed data and providing feedback

  • Web tools facilitate communication within biodiversity data community

  • Web tools are dynamic and subject to change

Working with Data Sources
  • GloBI is built using existing data sources

  • Data sources are continously and automatically indexed by GloBI

  • GloBI provides automated reviews of data sources

Taxonomic Name Review
  • Taxonomic name linking facilitates discovery, review, and interpretation, of interaction records

  • GloBI uses a versioned taxonomic name map to map verbatim names into known taxonomic schemes

  • GloBI attempts to provide reasonable links using a controlled and iterative process

  • GloBI taxonomic name linking process is likely imperfect and subjective

Interaction Data Record Review
  • There are many ways to access GloBI reviews.

  • GloBI reviews can help data managers better understand their data and how GloBI interprets it.

Day Two Pre-workshop Assignment
  • Ecological network data can be multi-faceted and complex

  • Many existing methods exist to visualize and quantify ecological networks

Day Two Group Assignment Part Two
  • Working with big datasets often requires different tools and skills

  • Data processing introduces errors and bias

  • Many tools are suited for small datasets only