A project pitch at Nerds for Nature Summit 2015.

On Saturday 17 October 2015, a herd of nature nerds gathered for the Nerds for Nature Summit 2015 at Manylabs in San Francisco, California. The format of the summit was a scaled up version of the collaborative Nerds for Nature meetup format: a round of introduction, short project pitches followed by breakout project specific discussion groups. At this years summit, Global Biotic Interactions was featured as one of the one-minute pitches.

1 minute GloBI pitch

GloBI slide presented at summit

Nerds for Nature and Manylabs facilitate invaluable interactions between folks from various disciplines (e.g. software, hardware, education, design) to develop and mature projects centered around open data, and open (citizen) science. One of the many outcomes my (and therefore GloBI's) connection to Nerds for Nature and Manylabs was getting access to a stimulating work environment at Manylabs, planting the seeds for a project called EDAM(Ecological Data Access Monitor) and an increased cross-pollination of open science/data ideas with individuals and institutions (e.g. Manylabs residents and their guests, Concord Consortium, Hacking Measurement at UC Berkeley, Moore Foundation).

Going forward, Global Biotic Interactions will continue to foster mutualistic relationships within a growing, diverse and social open data/education/science community.

Big thanks to Nerds for Nature for organizing the summit and to Manylabs for hosting the event.