Species interaction datasets supported by GloBI can be accessed in various ways. For most, this website and its pages may be helpful to poke around the data. Other projects like GoMexSI, Encyclopedia of Life, and Ecosystem Explorer present GloBI data in a human readable format.

For those that use R, rglobi is available to retrieve interaction data for further analysis in the R environment. rglobi can also be used to execute Cypher queries.

If you would like to have it all, a complete dump of the neo4j database is available as well as a rdf/quads archive, darwin core archives (all, aggregated by study) and a single table tsv dump. These whole data dumps should be suitable for large scale number crunching or archiving of a version of GloBI. GloBI is designed to be continously (and automatically) upgraded to include the most recent snapshot of available interaction data and associated linkages.

Exploratory, interactive queries can be executed through SPARQL and Cypher (see more examples) endpoints or by using the REST-y GloBI Web API.

In case the provided methods to access species interactions data do not quite suit your needs, please open an issue or contact the author(s) of doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2014.08.005.

For more information, please visit Accessing Species Interaction Data wiki page.